The Hornets Sting

March 29, 2011 | Insect Bites

As with most other stings from insects experienced by humans, the sting of a Hornet can be very painful. But just what are these creatures we call Hornets?

The hornet is a kind of wasp. It lives in a nest, which like the Bee is ruled by the Queen. Hornets like to live in sheltered places such as the dark hollow of a tree

Some species can be as large as almost two inches long, but for true hornets they are recognizable by the width of their head behind the eyes, and their rounded abdomen (wasp waist!)

Hornets Stings.

The sting from a hornet is very painful to most humans, and the toxicity will vary from species to species.

Some species will deliver just a normal irritating insect sting, whilst other species can deliver an extremely venomous sting, which can result in fatal allergic reactions in some people unless immediately treated with epinephrine.

Hornet Varieties and Stings.

European. Usually not serious, and by no means any risk of fatality.

Non European Stings.

n  Usually only serious in allergy prone victims.

n  Fatality can occur in victims of multiple stings due to a build up of specific venoms, especially if the whole hornets nest is involved.

n  The hornets sting is much more toxic than a bee sting or a sting from a ‘normal wasp’

n  The sting from the Asian Giant Hornet is the most venomous kind of single sting known.

Hornets, like other wasps can mobilize the entire nest for defensive purposes if attacked. It is not a good idea for a human to attack a single hornet if in the vicinity of the nest. This will only cause a distress call to be made, and the whole nest of hornets will then attack the human.

A hornet can sting many times, it does not die after delivering its sting like the honey bee, its sting is not barbed, and is not left in the wound., Hornets can both  deliver a bite and sting at the same time.  The moral is be careful when in environments known to be hornet territory!

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