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Jellyfish Stings

by , March 15, 2011

in Animal Bites

The jellyfish belongs to the Cnidaria family of sea creatures, which also include

n  Hydroids, like the Portugese Man of war.

n  Sea Anemones,

n  Corals.

The jellyfish is a free swimming, gelatinous, docile, marine creature. It carries many tentacles, with each tentacle being covered by numerous sacs known as Nemotocysts which contain its venom.

They usually swim near the surface of the water when the light is fading, and the most deadly species, the portugese man of war, and the box jellyfish are found in the waters of the S.Pacific and Australia.

Signs of a Jellyfish Sting.

n  The type of sting will vary according to jellyfish variety.

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