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April 12, 2012 | Insect Bites

The mosquito is a smallish flying insect, a little smaller than a common house fly. It is relatively sparse in Europe, but populates some parts of the USA, and is very common in the hotter climates, like Africa and the tropics.

They seem to be more active in the early morning, or at sundown, and apart from being a continual annoyance, they can inflict a bite in humans.

The signs of a impending attack can be a ‘buzzing’ sound as the mosquito approaches, and when actually bitten, the person will experience – -

n  Itchiness, reddening, around the area.

n  Some swelling of the affected area.

The signs of a bite may not appear for 2/3 days after the bite, and application of anti histamine ointment can relieve any irritation.

Symptoms of a Mosquito Bite.

n  Severe itchiness.

n  Red or Pink lumps appearing on the skin

The skin lumps may appear immediately, or can take a day or two to develop and high sensitivity to the bite may cause the symptoms to be spread over a wider area of skin.

Occasionally an allergic reaction may result from a mosquito bite which include

n  Swelling of the throat.

n  Chest wheezing and slight breathing difficulty.

n  Hives, which are very itchy skin lumps

n  In extreme allergy cases, the onset of Anaphylaxis may occur, which can prove to be life threatening.

Causes of Mosquito Bites.

It is the female mosquito who is responsible for the bite. The female penetrates the skin with her proboscis and sucks the blood of the victim, whilst depositing a protein in the wound from her saliva.

The protein is alien to the human body and provokes a response from the Immune system resulting in the itchiness and red lumps experienced.

Mosquito Bite and Associated Risks.

There are some factors to be considered by any person associated with her/his risk of being bitten by a mosquito, since a mosquito can select a victim by – -

n  Evaluating a persons scent, and the chemical make up of the sweat perspired.

n  The amount of Carbon Dioxide exhaled.

n  The type and colour of clothing worn by the person.

The reasons are not yet fully understood, but a mosquito is far more likely to attack overweight males who carry the ‘O’ Blood type.

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